Manual Compactor with Door

Manual Compactor with Door

Product: Manual Compactor with Door
Code: SS-MCB-door

Dedicated product line for Offices - narrow space storage solutions.

- Lateral Mobile Compactor is always the first choice in terms of quality and aeshetics of domestic and foreign marrket.

- Over 10 years experience in manufacturing and installing dedicated mobile compactor system, we are proud of our product design and well-acknowledged in aspect.

- Single modules are put on rails and sliding frames in which the innermost cabinet is placed on a fixed frame and the outer rows are sliding on the frame => easily move on the left or right to store or find the documents.

All products are made from imported JIS G3141 standard cold rolled steel, for durability and safety in use.
With automatic CNC and high-precision laser machine technology, all parts of the product are manufactured with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Along with a closed powder coating line, it has ensured that all surfaces of the product details are treated with anti-rust, anti-dirt, in order to make the paint layer durable with time and use.
Product salient features:
- Meet all the needs of the document size to be saved and the storage area of ​​the customer.
- Save 47% space compared to fixed shelves.
- Especially with the floating rail design, there is no need to drill the floor to install the cabinet system => Easy to transport and remove, install, relocate or expand the storage cabinet system.



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