Mobile hanging file compactor

Mobile hanging file compactor

Product: Mobile hanging file compactor
Dimension: as requirement

Designed by SSteel Furniture - the leading manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam of mobile compactor / mobile shelving. Mobilie hanging file compactor is designed to ensure safety, integrity, and compliance, meeting rigorous international structural standards – and exceeding EU standards
Mechanical compactors storage systems are designed in such a way, that it reduces the space requirement between individual fixed racks or cabinets and this enables in providing extra storage racks to increase the storage efficiency.
This design is specifically designed to store hanging files.


- The mechanical compactor are of multiple bay type, where the compactor bodies are mounted on trolleys which roll on stainless steel tracks.
- Rotating wheel type handles are provided to turn the wheel and roll the trolleys with the help of chain linkage and sprockets. The wheel handle can be locked with the help of a cam lock.
- Plywood is provided in the aisle space to facilitate access into the compactor.
- It is a versitile system allowing the tracks to be cut to an exact length and able to be installed on any floor surface without floor fixing.
- Its unique, patented pivoting ramp system follows the contour of uneven floors, making it the safest unit on today`s market for all users including wheel chair and trolley access.
- The unit can be easily modified to extend or decrease in size.



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