Electrical - Mechenical Mobile Rack

Electrical - Mechenical Mobile Rack

Product: Electrical - Mechenical Mobile Rack
Code: SS-EMRC M2

We know that equiping a storage system with full option will require a large amount of investment. However, it takes time for customers estimate and balance their budget before ordering. Therefore, we provide a design that is a combination of mechanical and electrical mobile racking system.

It can be said that this is a solution which not only meets most storage systems but also expanding and maximizing storage space.

  • Simple interface with navigation buttons and mechanical system located in the front of each cabinet. It is easier for user to control or make each row moved on the left or right.
  • One of the advantages of Mechanical – Electrical Mobile Compactor is able to move each row with just a button.
  • User have full control with navigation button on each cabinet.
  • Electrical mobile system is made by choice material and strictly supervised before handling to our customers.
  • Mechanical – electrical mobile system have a payload capacity up to 9000 kilograms which triples in space storage.



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