Medium Racking System

Medium Racking System

Product: Medium Racking System
Dimension: Customize
Code: SS-MRS

  • Medium racking system is a type of light duty rack, designed into multiple compartments with additional floors (made of corrugated iron or plywood) to store goods.
  • The goods can be placed directly on the system or on pallets then putting on the rack.
  • Anual loading and unloading cargo, or ladder truck.
  • Medium rack suit design loads cargo average. Suitable for many types of warehouse goods varied in size, shape. Appropriate load from 300 - 1200 kg/floor length corresponding shelf shelf (beam bar) from 1000 - 3000 mm, width shelf design requirements.

  • Load common: 300 - 1200 Kg / layer.
  • The design of laminated wood shelf or lucid tole.
  • Suitable for storage of small parts, carton
  • Contains many types of goods
  • All steel frame wrench to remove the link assembly



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